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Leadership team

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James Lawrence – Leadership Principal

James LawrenceJames is not your run-of-the-mill kind of guy. For a start, he confesses to a love of ironing and early mornings. Ask any graduate of the Arrow Leadership Programme about the latter and they'd probably agree - the 'late breakfast' on residentials begins at 7:45am.

As the director of the CPAS development team and Arrow, James lives and breathes what he teaches. More than just the raison d'etre for Arrow and Growing Leaders, James really does exist to help church leaders to be led more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus.

It's worth noting that phrase, which concludes with his greatest passion - people coming to know Jesus. A former associate minister and adviser in evangelism, since joining CPAS he has fulfilled a number of roles, written several books and courses, as well as having a four-year secondment to the Springboard evangelism initiative.

Energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to excellence give you a good handle on James.

On top of his work promoting leadership development throughout the Church, James has a busy life full of his wife and three children and a fitness regime driven by a love of sport. Perhaps that's why he loves early mornings - so there's enough waking hours to fit it all in.

T 0300 123 0780


Charles Burgess – Leadership Specialist

Charles BurgessA quick glance down Charles' military CV reveals that he once managed the engine programme for the RAF's latest fighter aircraft, led a team based at Rolls-Royce in Bristol and, for many years, worked closely with NATO colleagues in Europe and Canada.

And after all that he's happiest living under an airport flight path and hearing the sound of a low-level aircraft. Takes all sorts, I suppose.

But there's a much more human side to Charles, most aptly demonstrated by the early morning priority of making a cup of tea for his wife.

Once that task is fulfilled, he loves living life to the full, meeting people and supporting church leaders in building a stronger culture of leadership and mission in their churches. Why not become one of those people and get in contact with Charles yourself to find out more.

T 01225 858682
M 07895 860399


Pam Macnaughton – Leadership Specialist

,Pam Macnaughton's role in the leadership team is to develop appropriate training for clergy and lay people working in multi-parish benefices - where a number of churches share one incumbent. She earths this part-time job in work as an ordained pioneer minister in her local multi-parish benefice of four churches. Here, she concentrates particularly on training up adult, youth and children's leaders, preachers and worship leaders.

She and her husband, Malcolm, have a busy home life with a large family - most of whom are grown up, but who turn up at home often. She is intrigued by both words and music, and can regularly be found with her head in a book, or playing keyboards or flute. She is committed to cycling, in principle, and sometimes in practice.

T 07933 110587


Emma Sykes - Leadership Specialist

Emma's pictureEmma is responsible for heading up the younger vocations work in the leadership team, inspiring under 30s to pursue their God given vocation with a particular focus on those called to authorised ordained ministry. She balances this part-time role alongside being an ordained associate missioner in her local parish church. She is a mum of two teenage boys, wife of a Sunderland fan and is often seen running around the streets of Boldmere where she lives.

Emma likes being busy with a variety of different things. Not only does it allow her to think creatively it also gives her endless deadlines and if there is one thing that motivates her, it's staring at the face of a deadline. Being people busy is the best sort of busy however, as she loves motivating and enabling others to keep discovering God's purpose in their lives.

T 0300 123 0780


Ian Parkinson - Leadership Specialist

Ian profileIan Parkinson has found the church to be the cause of his greatest joys and biggest heartaches. Over 30 years at the coalface of church leadership have convinced him of the potential of the local church to be the most significant agent of Kingdom change on earth. His longing for every church to be captivated by God, empowered by His Spirit and caught up in His mission led him to write Reignite, a handbook for those concerned, like him, to see vibrant churches at the heart of every community and people group. It's what makes him love his work which takes him into numbers of theological institutions where he is involved in equipping for leadership those training for ordained ministry.

Married to Nadine, a Development charity worker, when not visiting grown up children (and grandchildren!) dotted around the country, Ian takes enormous pleasure from playing cricket, reading, walking and painting.

T: 0114 2211 915 ; 07800 718578


Sally Taylor – Arrow Leadership Programme manager

Sally TaylorStarting her working life with a high street bank, Sally soon realised that people issues were of much more interest to her than branch banking! She was fortunate to be able to specialise in Human Resources.

It was a real privilege for her to then have time at home with her boys whilst they were small. She loved it and relished the opportunity to be fully involved in her local community, leading a Beaver Scout group, setting up a toddler group and hosting women's breakfasts. Her boys' experience of Ventures as 'the best week of the year' meant it was exciting for Sally in 2007 to join the Ventures and Falcons team.

Having recently moved into the role of Arrow Programme Manager she is looking forward to getting to know new people and seeing all that God has in store for the programme and its participants. When not planning for Arrow in the office she loves to plan travel at home and after a 20 year 'sabbatical' has recently been delighted to return to skiing.

T 0300 123 0780


Kirstin MacDonald – Leadership Administrator

Kirstin MacDonaldKirstin is a self-confessed car fanatic and aspires to one day own her dream sports car. At the moment cars have more of a functional role in her life, but at least they successfully ferry her to and from work each day.

And as much as she loves driving, Kirstin's grateful that her current home is a little closer to the CPAS office than her former dwellings overseas.

Once she's arrived at her desk, you may well come across her to discuss booking for a CPAS event, resource or even the Arrow Leadership Programme.

T 0300 123 0780

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