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Making Mission Possible

CPAS enables churches to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus

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CPAS is all about helping churches in the UK and Ireland reach out to the men, women and children in their communities with the life-changing good news of Jesus Christ.

We do this through:

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Jane Richards
'Having been in leadership positions in my secular career and then coming into ordained ministry, I have read a lot of books on leadership, but Lead On really has been a refreshing change from anything else I've read.' - Jane
Mike Wilkins

'We realised that a lot of our current leaders were in their 50s and 60s, and we really wanted to focus on growing some leaders in their 30s and 40s. So as a result we decided to run Growing Leaders and invited 16 people to take part.' - Mike


 Mandy White


'Growing Leaders helps us to focus on the importance of being led more by Jesus, and to lead more like Jesus. All the hard work is done for you and the teaching material is so powerful - thank you CPAS for helping us develop godly leaders to build the kingdom.' - Mandy


 Amy Holt


'Ventures really are holidays worth sharing. All it takes is an invitation to a Venture and it could change a life. Ventures is one of the greatest passions in my life. I would say to anyone considering volunteering that it is definitely worth it, because it is so rewarding.' - Amy

 Amanda Cole image


'If you're considering volunteering for School Ventures, just do it! It doesn't matter if you are an introvert or an extrovert, there's a place for everyone within the team. And who knows? The children might even teach you something new.' - Amanda


 Norma Piper Image


'Camp Week (when I volunteer with Falcons) has been central to my life each year. My husband, Gary, and I were Overall Leaders of our team for many years. Though now we have handed over the leadership baton, and we both continue to serve as members of the team.' - Norma


 Carol Aitman



'Ventures are great and I feel really blessed that I can use the gifts God has given me to spread His word. I am just a small part of a bigger team, but love the work I do. If we all do a little bit, it isn't arduous, it is enjoyable and a real pleasure.' - Carol






'We have loved every minute of being part of CPAS ventures. Becky became a Christian on a CPAS Venture, and knows the impact they can have on a child. One parent even commented on how much their child had grown up in one week.' - Gareth





'Ventures have been part of my life since I was 11 years old, when I went to a camp with my sister for the first time. I loved it so much that I went back every year, and grew so much in my faith through that time.' - Christina

 Sue Shrubb


'There are so many things I love about Falcon camps... The joy of sharing the gospel with youngsters who may have never heard it before. Seeing the change it makes in some of their lives whilst they're on camp. Hearing them laugh. Seeing them grow in confidence during the week, but also becoming 'children' again and enjoying the daft things of camp.' - Sue

 Sam and Claire Corley 



'The best thing about volunteering for Ventures and Falcons is seeing God at work in the lives of the young people and leaders who come. God comes close and shows people what he is like and what it means to follow in the way of his Son Jesus Christ.' - Sam and Claire

Chris and Ginny Balchin









'As a church, we have used the Mentoring Matters packs to train approximately 30 mentors, and have been able to subsequently link almost all of them up with one or more mentees.' - Chris and Ginny

Henry Curran


'Arrow has been a truly ministry-saving experience. The combination of a loving community, excellent Bible teaching and great wisdom from experienced leaders enabled me to find a fresh intimacy with God and learn skills and habits that have transformed my ministry.' - Henry

Jo Stephens


'It's been an amazing couple of years. We had a vision of making more outreach happen, so we needed to equip people to make this a reality. Thanks to Growing Leaders we've started new activities including a youth club, which attracts 25 young people every fortnight.' Jo

Ashdown Forest


'Ashdown Forest Venture has been running for 30 years now, which is a testimony to God's faithfulness. It is wonderful to know that he is working through us as we honour him through all the conversations and activities.' - Naomi

Ray Smith


'I have now celebrated just over 60 years in the ministry. Whilst in training, as a curate, and when I became an incumbent, there was always the generosity of CPAS providing support.' - Ray

Jo Smith


'Sometimes I'll see my young people really understand something at a heart level for the first time during the Venture. Something about being away together and getting so much extra input can really help things to click into place.' - Jo

Chris Martin


'It's early days, but the 'Servants and stewards' course has already helped me view PCC meetings as kingdom-building opportunities, with each agenda item now linked to the Mission Action Plan so we know the reason we're talking about things.' - Chris


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