Leading with Vulnerability (27 January)

Online Training Event

There are two ends to the vulnerability ‘spectrum’: the leader who never reveals anything of their inner struggles; the leader who constantly reveals too much. Both ends are unhelpful. But how does a leader work out what ‘appropriate’ vulnerability looks like? And what if you have been damaged in the past when you have tried to express vulnerability in your leadership role?

Building on both personal experience and research into vulnerability within leadership, we explore the importance of being vulnerable, especially among Millennials, and ways to become appropriately vulnerable that reflect individual preferences and the situations we lead within.

Date: 27 January 2022

Time: 9.15am-12.30pm

Cost: £9

Numbers are limited for this event and bookings will close on Tuesday 25 January.

The is part of the Leadership: Getting Below the Surface series, but can also be attended as a standalone event. Doing stuff as a leader is only part of the leadership matrix. The other is what is going on below the surface, the stuff that impacts how we lead, and how the way we do leadership impacts us. Prepare to be stretched and grown in godly leadership.

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