Thrive MPB Learning Communities

It is clear that the trajectory of many dioceses is towards an increase in the number of multi-parish benefices, and also an increase in the number of parishes in such benefices.

It is also clear that whilst there are a variety of models that exist to try to help clergy adapt to the changing role such positions involve, many are struggling and most feel under-resourced.

Over the last few years we have run Thrive, a learning community process, in a number of dioceses. The communities run over 24 months, involve clergy and lay leaders, are local to the MPBs (multi-parish benefices) on them, and involve five main gatherings, face-to-face or online (one every six months).

Our aim is that each MPB will be enabled to:

  • Discern vocation to play their part in God’s mission.
  • Work well together across the benefice and within individual churches.
  • Develop suitable leadership structures.
  • Navigate culture change with creativity, wisdom and care.
  • Grow in confidence and be energised by faith.

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We also offer a number of resources for leaders of MPBs.