Who is it for?

Arrow is focused on working with a particular group of people. Based on some initial research on what helps leaders develop, Arrow identified a 'transformation zone' for those aged 25-40.

A wide variety of people participate in Arrow. In the past they've included:

  • Vicars, ministers, curates, elders.
  • Diocesan missioners, area deans.
  • Leaders within Christian organisations e.g. Saltmine, SU, Ambassadors in Sport.
  • Full time youth and children's workers.
  • Anglicans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, Salvation Army, New Churches.

Common to them all are the following factors:

  • Aged 25-40.
  • Already in leadership positions in their church or organisation (either ordained or lay) at the level of overall leader (vicar, minister, CEO) or leader of an area with responsibility for other leaders (director of youth etc.).
  • A concern for evangelism.
  • Willing to be challenged in their personal development and are prepared to change.

If you are unsure whether Arrow is for you, please contact Matt Hustwayte (Manager of the Arrow Leadership Programme) on arrow@cpas.org.uk.