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With many PCCs meeting online at this time we have produced two guides to help meetings go well. We know many of us are used to Zoom type meetings by now, but we actually find there is still a lot of poor practice and confusion on how to make the most of the technology.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. In a multi-parish benefice there is a lot of pressure for clergy and lay leaders to be here, there and everywhere. Pam gives different methods of how to work effectively in these situations.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. With around 71% of Anglican churches in a multi-parish benefice, and many other denominations following suit, how we make sense of the complexities involved is a vital key to effective leadership in such places.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. Different situations require different actions, therefore ministry is never static and straight forward. Pam offers reflections on leadership in the local church, especially multi-parish benefices. 

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. Across the Church of England (and other denominations), increasing numbers of incumbents, SSMs and Readers are being asked to cope with leading more than one church. So, the first question for those in some sort of multi-parish situation is how are things going?