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Stations of the Resurrection

The latest edition of CPAS Church Leadership (CL71) features a set of remarkable illustrations depicting the post-resurrection story set in modern-day Leeds.

The illustrations are by Si Smith, accompanied in CL by text for a prayer stations resource written by the Rev Ian Adams.

The first Church Leadership podcast features Si Smith talking about his Stations of the Resurrection illustrations – listen online here. Some comments from Si are also included in this press release.

The full set of images and complementary text is only available for subscribers to the CPAS Church Leadership resource. Below are some samples of what is available to download. To find out more about subscribing please click here.

The images focus on key moments form the resurrection of Jesus to his ascension:

Resurrection stations 2Mary Magdelene finds the empty tomb

(John 20:1-2)

Artist Si Smith chose a nearby funeral home as the location for the tomb, 'guarded' by two sleeping policemen.



Resurrection stations 4The angel appears to the women

(Matthew 25:5-8)

Si comments: 'I wanted to emphasise the truth that this is a story about God breaking in to the lives of very ordinary people - people who travel by bus.'



Resurrection stations 7Jesus appears to the disciples

(Luke 24:36-43)

For the upper room, Si chose the Caffe Nero in Albion Row.




Resurrection station 12Jesus appears at the lakeside

(John 21:9-13)

Jesus prepares an outdoor breakfast for his friends by the lakeside of Roundhay Park.




You can also view other free samples of Church Leadership material, available to subscribers along with an archive of resources stretching back over the past 10 years.

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