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Video clips

Here is a selction of video clips from somewhere on the internet, which may be of interest for youth leaders.

best invention everBest invention ever

Here is an imaginative clip, brimming with creativity. The mind boggles at how long it took to set up this multi-layered task. It would be good to start a discussion on creativity for creativity's sake, on using your talents or to illustrate patience.



mp3 experimentThe mp3 experiment

This is a great clip of an experiment done in America where people were all encouraged to download an mp3 file and to all start playing it at a certain time on a certain date, in a certain location. The results are fascinating! This would be a great clip to introduce the subject of being in the world not of it, or how God speaks to us in the ordinary, or the body of Christ.

iPhone worshipiPhone worship

This is an imaginative rendition of 'How Great is Our God' performed by the Rend Collective Experiment. The interesting thing is that all the music is played on the band's iPhones. If worship times in your youth group are difficult or awkward, maybe this might be a way forward! you could also use it to illustrate a talk on creativity or relevance.

Amazing Fire illustrationAmazing fire illustration

It's that time of year when we use lots of candles and nightlights. Have you tried doing something like this with them? This would be a great illustration to use when talking about seeing things from different perspectives or not judging things based on only one viewpoint.


video of the monthDetermination wins!

Are you looking for something which introduces the topic of selfishness? What about resilience? Or maybe something on making mistakes? This clip could be perfect! You definitely wouldn't want to steal this person's parking space!



World's luckiest bike rider!video of the month

This clip from Japan shows a cyclist who somehow, miraculously, manages to avoid being caught up in a very serious car crash. It's only a short clip which could be used to discuss life-changing events and how often events like these make people see life with a completely different perspective. It could be used to start a conversation around purpose in life or on evangelism, making the link that just as the cyclist seems oblivious to the mayhem around him, so often we live oblivious to the eternal needs of people living amongst us.

Rally driver stops to say sorryrally driver

This clip shows a rally driver who accidentally drives into the onlooking crowd. Focused on the race, he still remembers to stop and apologise for scaring them!

This would be a great clip to use to highlight the subject of personal responsibility, caring for others, admitting mistakes.


The PEN story

The PEN story60,000 photographs were taken to make this life story, retold in three minutes. This clip is an ispiration to budding film makers and to those with plenty of time on their hands! It would be good to use this to introduce a session on life journeys (what do you want your life to look like), creativity or dedication and patience, as it would clearly have taken a very long time and commitment tom produce such a film. You could also talk about what pictures from your life would you want to keep and why.

The Red Bull crash

It's actually a very near miss. This clip is filmed at the Red Bull Air Race and demonstrates amazing control of an aeroplane. About one minute in, the pilot takes the plane so close to the water that it actually touches it, very narrowly avoiding a crash. This clip could be used for all sorts of themes around the area of commitment, discipline, talent, endurance, and risk. It could also be used to look at temptation by asking the question how close to the edge of temptation is it wise to go.

The Piano Stairs

Ever struggle to do those things you know you should do but it seems easier doing something different? How can we make physical exercise more fun, for example? This is a great clip to use to show how putting fun into a task makes you more likely to choose the things you would usually put off. Would be good to use when we talk about spiritual disciplines.

The T-Mobile dance

You will probably have seen this advert on TV a while ago, filmed one morning at Liverpool Street Station in London. It's a great clip to use to illustrate a wide range of subjects: team work, standing out from the crowd, the infectious nature of the gospel, evangelism, vision etc.

Teenology - breaking up

This is a funny animation suggesting best ways for teenagers to split up with their girlfriend or boyfriend. It would be great to use it as a discussion starter on relationships, the difference between following God's way of dating as opposed to the world's way and also for looking at the differences between the sexes.

Do not honk at old people

This is a short, funny clip which shows what happens when we get frustrated with people older than us or when we lose our patience. Could be a great clip to use when talking about how we interact with people of an older generation or on the subjects of patience, busyness or controlling our temper.

Cardboard stories

This is a really imaginative way of getting people to think about the transforming effect that meeting Jesus has had on their lives. This clip would be great to use in a service or meeting and you could make your own cardboard stories as a response. Put them together and it could be so inspiring to see what difference God is making in your group's lives.

Creative motion stop video

This clip can be used to inspire creativity, talk about the synergy of teamwork or perhaps to introduce the topic of patience as it would have taken a long time for this 90 second film to be made. if you've got a video camera, maybe you and your young people want to try and make your own motion stop video. Do send us what you come up with!

Model evolution with make up and Photoshop

This is a great clip to use when talking about self esteem and about where we get our sense of beauty from. It is also good to use when talking about how much we take for granted truth that is given to us from the media.

Giant waterslide jump

If only our insurance would cover us to do this! You could use this clip to introduce the subject of taking risk, developing skills, having fun.

Taking basketball to a new level

This is a great clip for talking about dedication, discipline and team work.

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