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Running the course

Growing Leaders - Youth Edition provides a range of resources to develop young people in leadership. The course recognises the key role young people can play now, but will also ensure strong and effective leaders for the future by providing development opportunities in their formative years.

Overview of the course

The course is designed to run over two terms, with eight monthly sessions. There are three parts to the course, each with their own particular focus:

Part 1: Firm foundations for Christian leadership

Part 2: Key skills of Christian leadership

Part 3: Faithful leadership

Download the more detailed course overview here.


Course projects

During the course, participants are invited to complete three projects that will further help them to ground their learning in practical ways. The projects are:

  • Complete a spiritual check-up.
  • Interview a leader.
  • Write a thank you letter to a leader who has encouraged you.

GLYE group

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