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Promoting Growing Leaders

Thank you for your interest in promoting the Growing Leaders suite. On this page you will find ways of assisting us in our promotions.

Promote your local event

Our aim is for our training to be local and accesible to all. If there is an event happening in your area then we would appreciate you telling people about it.

Please do email if you would like some event flyers to distrubute.


Resources for promoting the Growing Leaders suite

Here are a range of resources for you to use to promote the Growing Leaders suite to individuals, groups, meetings, congregations or large gatherings – be that in person, via post or using different media:

If you have any questions about using any of these resource please contact the Growing Leaders team on or 0300 123 0780.


Useful links


Please share this video with others.:


Taking part in Growing Leaders - Youth Edition

Stories from young people who took part in a Growing Leaders - Youth Edition course in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.


Growing Leaders ā€“ Promotional material


CPAS Stories

CPAS has been impacting the ministry of Ray Smith for an amazing 60 years. Ray reflects on 60 years of ministry:'On St Matthew's Dā€¦


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