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Mentoring Matters is an easy-to-use resource with everything you need to start a church-based mentoring network.

Many in our churches are looking for help as they grapple with how to be a disciple and leader in such a fast moving, rapidly changing world.

Those young in the faith seeking to lay good foundations; those who've been Christians a while, wanting to deepen their ongoing service of Christ; and people of every generation looking to grow as leaders.

A mentoring relationship provides an intentional way of engaging with God's agenda. Be it formal or informal, short or long term, the mentor offers encouragement, perspective and challenge.

Who wouldn't benefit from such an investment?


Mentoring Matters resource packPart 1 - Getting started

A guide on how to set up a church-based mentoring scheme, and three introductory guides on mentoring (one for church leaders, one for potential mentors, one for potential mentees).

Part 2 - Training process

Material for eight mentor training sessions over a year, including leaders' guide, handouts and PowerPoint presentations.

Part 3 - Resources

Book recommendations, articles, website links, mentor e-bulletins and publicity material.


Download a resource overview.

Cost: £32 plus p&p

You can purchase Mentoring Matters from our online store.

'Mentoring is about transformation. I am seeing more and more church leaders in this country using mentoring as a tool for discipleship and developing leaders - and it works!'

Sharon Prior, co-founder of the Sophia Network and lecturer at Cliff College


Mentoring Matters

  • Mentoring Matters overview

    An overview of Mentoring Matters: identify, equip and resource mentors.

  • Mentoring Matters introductory video

    James Lawrence introduces the new Mentoring Matters resource.

  • Mentoring Matters: Thinking about being a mentor

    Referred to on page three of the 'Mentoring Matters' introduction, this handout is to be used with 'Christian mentoring - an introduction for mentors'. This was omitted from the original CD.


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