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Talk Calling

Helping 14 to 18 year olds explore the God possibilities for their lives.

Talk Calling

Want to help young people discover what God wants for their lives?

Like to open a conversation with a teenager about how to follow where God leads?

This practical and flexible resource will help you to do just that.

Talk Calling is for anyone in church leadership and vocations work (e.g. clergy, lay leaders, youth workers, school chaplains, young vocations champions, CPAS Ventures and Falcons leaders etc) who wants to enable young people to explore the God possibilities for their lives. Talk Calling is primarily aimed at 14 to 18 year olds, although it can be a useful resource for university chaplains and those working alongside students and young adults.

It consists of a series of creative cards:

Bible VersesPicturesAbout MeBlockages

Each series has its own instruction card and offers a different way to look at the theme of calling. The cards are not intended to give any answers, but instead they offer thought provoking questions and creative ideas to help young people explore how God might be calling them, and how he can shape their lives for his purposes.

Its flexibility means it can be used with young people in a number of different contexts and in a variety of ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • One-to-one, in a formal or informal mentoring meeting or as an initial conversation between a vocation's advisor and a young person, focusing on a different series of cards each time you meet.
  • In a small group (between 2-8 young people), over two to four sessions, using one or two series of cards each time you meet.
  • As part of a church youth group session, using one series of cards at a time for 20 minutes, in amongst fun games and activities.
  • Over four sessions on a weekend away or Christian holiday (e.g. CPAS Venture or Falcon holidays) with young people exploring the theme of calling and discipleship in more depth.

Go ahead, be creative, get the conversation started...

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We are very grateful for the support of Hymns Ancient & Modern in the production of Talk Calling:

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