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Vital signs

Leadership... thrilling, challenging, dynamic, like herding cats, tough, life-changing, complex, and so much more...
Leadership at any level is an immense privilege. It is also extremely demanding. Christian leadership perhaps even more so. It is such a privilege to help God’s people be about God's mission in God's world. It is also extremely demanding to work with limited resources, or an ancient building, or with volunteers.
Many leaders resonate with Jethro's advice to struggling leader Moses ’What you are doing is not good. You will surely wear yourself out, both you and these people with you.’ (Exodus 18:17-18). They know that things aren't easy, that they are in danger of wearing themselves out, and of taking on too much and frustrating those they lead.
Jethro's advice was practical, 'share the load'. Not always easy to do, but the Scriptures are clear that leadership is meant to be a community enterprise, as we gather around us people to invest in who will share leadership with us.
Jethro's advice was also wise, 'be careful who you select'. In Exodus 18:21-23 he suggests Moses looks for capable people, those who have the right abilities for the role; people who fear God, those who are clearly in relationship with God; people who are trustworthy, those whose character people trust; people who hate dishonest gain, those who won't use a position of leadership for their own ends. Wise advice. (And for further reflection on what to look for in potential leaders click here.)

In all the joys and demands of leadership this passage reminds us of a principle first mentioned here, but clearly reflected in the ministry of Jesus and the early church: 'for the sake of many invest in a few.' As summer approaches (we can but hope!) it might be a good time to reflect a little on our own leadership, and who we are investing in at this time to share leadership with us.
Lead on,

James Lawrence
CPAS leadership principal
PS: Don't miss the excellent talks by Gordon Macdonald on Staying Faithful, Staying Fresh for great leadership insights. Only available through Lead On! See below.

How do I become a better leader?

In the first of our leadership articles, Canon Nick Cuthbert, partner in Lead Academy and a CPAS associate, encourages us to reflect on how to become a better leader.
Most leaders could improve their leadership. That may sound obvious, but it is very easy to see the leadership calling as somehow static. I’ve been called, that’s it. But the New Testament offers us a different pattern. ‘Lead with diligence’ says Paul in Romans 12:8. How might we do that?...
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Time to top up
Summer is on its way, and for many of us that may mean a slightly slower pace as things wind down for the holidays. It is a great time to catch up on a bit of reading or listening.

A great listen
Here are
four talks by Gordon Macdonald you can download onto your computer or MP3 player. They are on the theme of Staying Faithful, Staying Fresh, and were given at a CPAS leadership day. Don’t expect studio-quality recording, but do expect soul-quenching insight.

A great read
For those who like a good book or two, I was part of a small panel of people asked to identify the top ten best books on leadership from 2000-2010 in two categories, Christian and non-Christian. Whilst of course you won’t agree with all of the final selections (naturally we all have our own favourites), the list is a great source of inspiration for what to read.

Take a look here and download it as a pdf. Then get hold of one or two of the titles, and whether you’re soaking up the sun or on a wind-swept British beach you can at least enjoy a good read this summer.

Leadership talk

Example is leadership.
Albert Schweitzer

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A review of Keith Lamdin's, Finding your Leadership Style.

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