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Staying fresh

I am just back from a leaders’ retreat where I’ve been speaking on the theme of staying fresh. It got me thinking. What will help us to be able to stay fresh, keep energised?
There are many ways to answer this question (maintaining our spiritual life, having someone to talk things through with, remaining faithful to the gospel) but I want to offer three other things we can do to help with this, the first of which I’ll explore in this Lead On and the other two next month.
Know what drains you
In any role there is always a certain amount of stuff that we have to do that drains us. Understanding what it is that drains or hampers us from staying fresh is part of the answer. Obviously it will vary from leader to leader. For some it will be administration, for others ongoing pastoral situations, for others certain meetings, for others conflict, and so on.
Make a list of such things. Take time to be comprehensive and specific. Don’t put ‘meetings’ down, but the specific meetings.  As you do this, you may also like to make a list of what brings you energy in your role (I’ll come back to this next month).
Reflect on the list of things that drain you and see if you can divide them into three categories

  • Which do you simply need to recognise are part of the role and need to be done by you (and if you can find a way to make them a bit more fun or to do them in a more effective way all the better!)
  • Which can you hand over to others who would be energised by them (sometimes this isn’t possible because there is no one, but often there is)?
  • Which could you actually stop doing because they aren’t essential at this time?

Then take action on one of the items from the list; preferably one that is both relatively easy to do and brings a sense of relief. Over the next month, work at implementing your action.
It is unrealistic to think we can eliminate all the things that drain us, but it is wise to know what they are, which category they fall into, and to balance them with the things that sustain us. More on that next month.
Lead on,

Keeping evangelism central in our leadership

Dave Male, director of the Centre for Pioneer Learning and tutor in pioneer ministry training at Ridley Hall, reflects on why mission gets lost in the busyness of leadership.
I meet many church leaders who principally came into ministry because of their experience of and passion for evangelism, but who after a few years have found that their life is almost exclusively focused on the running of the church and its associated activities.
There are always church people wanting to meet with you...

Read the full article



'You were running a good race. Who cut in on you to keep you from obeying the truth?' Sadly, Paul’s question to the churches in Galatia has resonance when reflecting on the stories of Christian leaders who have fallen from their callings and succumbed to, to use John Ortberg’s words, a shadow mission.  Ortberg’s challenging and honest talk ‘A Leader's Greatest Fear’ is well worth watching and can be found on the Vimeo website

Evangelical Alliance
A great resource full of articles, detailed information and wider resources, including material directly applicable to church leaders, on the wider church, culture and current affairs. The current site includes a fascinating report plus PowerPoint presentation on evangelism in the UK today.
Diocesan websites

The 43 dioceses in England each host their own websites and the combined resource is formidable. Frankly, some sites are better than others but all include ideas and material that have value and applicability beyond the host diocese, to any Christian leader. The easiest way to access them all quickly is via the map at the Church of England website
For those who like to draw on the stories and facts associated with the lives of some of the great Christian leaders of the past, perhaps in sermon preparation or simply as a source of inspiration, this is a helpful website.
And for something completely different
Those interested in the latest thinking and developments from the business world generally will enjoy the resources within this site but for those who also believe that sometimes there are lessons to be learned within the Church, based on the challenges faced by business leaders, the combined archive of this BBC site has much to draw on: Peter Day’s World of Business.  

Additional resource material

An interesting article on evangelism which, whilst written from a north American perspective, may provoke some thought about how we as leaders help lead others and ourselves in this area.
The Seismic Shift in Outreach.

Leadership talk

'If you stop playing the Messiah, you will have considerably less stress.'
AD Hart

Next month...

Moving on

CPAS patronage secretary, John Fisher, offers thoughts on moving on from one job to another.


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