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One of the greatest living Britons?

The BBC political editor, Nick Robinson, recently interrupted his commentary on the Queen’s speech at the State Opening of Parliament. The reason – to respond to the breaking news of the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United. The next  morning on Radio 4 he defended an assertion he had made that Ferguson is 'one the greatest living Britons' and waxed lyrical about his leadership skills.
Whilst not everyone reading this Lead On is a football follower, no one can deny that Ferguson has been an exceptional leader. I say ‘leader’ rather than ‘manager’ because that’s what he has done during his tenure with Manchester United. Let me offer you just two ways in which this is so.
Firstly, Ferguson’s ability to draw out the best from individuals is exemplary – especially since some of these individuals have not been ‘straightforward’! Cantona, Ronaldo and Rooney are all exceptionally talented footballers – but not always natural team players, easy to manage or winsome in their manner. Yet Ferguson has moulded them – and others – into winning team combinations, and by doing so demonstrated exceptional leadership ability.
Secondly, Ferguson’s ability to ‘reinvent’ his team is an inspiration to clergy, PCCs and others who must every now and then redefine their strategy for mission in response to changing contexts and cultures. Ferguson has refreshed United’s strategy on the pitch time and again to great effect.
The Church in England (including the Church of England) must continually feel able to refresh the way we set about evangelism and mission on a local scale – at least every five or so years. The alternative is to mirror the experience of football clubs such as Nottingham Forest, Coventry and others who only had short seasons of ‘glory’ as against the continued and long-lasting success of Manchester United.
Apologies to those of you who don’t ‘do football’… but since the gospel is (literally) a matter of life and death, I think we should learn all that we can from every source to be inspired to share it. And as a lifelong Liverpool follower that means even from Sir Alex Ferguson!
I hope that this Lead On will enthuse and inspire you in your leadership. 
Every blessing
John Dunnett

Creating a great volunteering environment

Sharon Prior, lecturer at Cliff College and independent trainer and mentor, reflects on leading volunteers.
In Ephesians we read that God appointed people to be ‘the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up’ (Ephesians 4:11-12). As a church leader I see that my role is to manage and support the volunteers who serve in my church, so that the church will be built up. 
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How to Make Great Appointments in the Church
Claire Pedrick and Su Blanch (SPCK Library of Ministry)

This is a lively up-to-date look at how the modern application and interview process is applied when making church appointments. It is easy to read, well informed and written to help those looking for a post and those searching for a candidate know their respective roles well. Making a great appointment is such a vital part of church life, both for the church and the person. Thankfully here is a great resource to help ensure it is the best appointment possible.
YouTube videos 

This is Discipleship: a reflection on what we are doing in disciple making.
For all you iPad lovers: a great introduction into ensuring people know what things are for.
A moving story of a man's journey to faith from Tonbridge Baptist Church - beautifully shot.
And finally a fun YouTube video from a parish in Essex that was looking for a vicar and made a film to advertise the vacancy – enjoy!

Additional resource material

Dallas Willard died recently. One of the great thinkers and authors of our time, his work on discipleship and spiritual disciplines is superb. Here are two of his books to read and a link to some talks he gave on  Knowing Christ Today. They are all superb! 
The Spirit of the Disciplines
An earlier work in which he offers profound insights into how God changes lives.
Revolution of Character
A distillation of the larger work Renovation of the Heart, written in a more accessible style and with questions for reflection.


Leadership talk

'Where your talents and the needs of the world collide, there lies your vocation.'

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Common mistakes leaders make 

John Dunnett reflects on the most common mistakes leaders make.  


Leadership talks worth listening to.

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