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Evangelism today (part two)

Last month I commented on evangelism in the church, and invited you to spend an hour thinking about what Paul’s instruction to Timothy, ‘Do the work of an evangelist’, might mean for those of us in leadership.
So how did the hour of reflection on evangelism go? OK … some of you may not have managed it … but here is why I suggested it.
I was listening to a church leader talking about the importance of ‘thinking’ as a leader – making time to sit down and think about things. He traced the recent baptism of a bunch of adults who had come to faith to an hour he spent thinking about the church’s evangelism strategy three years before. That hour, which he admitted was hard work, was the start of a journey that led over many months to the church he served taking a new approach to evangelism, that years later bore fruit in the baptism of new followers of Jesus.
One hour’s thinking can make a significant difference in our leadership.
But thinking is hard work. The hour arrives. We sit down. The blank piece of paper/screen stares at us. And immediately we are distracted by a thought ‘I’ll just go and …’ Before we know it the hour has passed, none of it thinking about the topic we set out to think about. Aaahh.
Here is the plan.

  • Put the hour in the diary.
  • Choose a quiet place and remove all distractions (phone, email etc.).
  • Stick with the thinking through the pain barrier of the first 7-8 minutes. Unlock your thought processes by asking some simple questions: What is the issue? Why is it an issue? How can we best address this issue? What can I read on this subject that might help me? Who do I need to involve in the process of working on this? What is the next step to take?

In one hour you won’t resolve things, but it may start you on a journey which leads to things being resolved. One hour now may lead to many more hours in the future, and eventually to a baptism service where someone’s life has been transformed by an encounter with Jesus for eternity.
Lead on
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Ten mistakes that leaders make

John Dunnett, CPAS general director, reflects on common mistakes leaders make in the hope we can avoid some of them!
There's no such thing as a definitive list of mistakes made by leaders. Each and every one of us is likely to have our own unique set. However, from my own experience in church leadership, and from observing leaders in many different churches and across our dioceses, I suspect that the 'top 10' most commonly made leadership mistakes would look something like as follows.
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Here are a few blogs that have caught our interest:
John Richardson
John Richardson is an Essex incumbent with a sharp mind and a regularly updated blog. He writes from a conservative position about a whole range of matters of doctrine, history and Anglican polity. A fascinating blog – with some searching articles.
Mike Breen
An Englishman in America – Mike was Rector of St Thomas Crookes during some of its most exciting/pioneering days. Always a good speaker, Mike’s blog will update you on what he is up to with missional communities in the States. 
Christopher West
Christopher West is an American Catholic theologian who uses the theology of John Paul ll to enunciate robust and orthodox  teaching in the area of human sexuality. He recently spoke at HTB Leadership Conference.

Additional resource material

Stories are powerful. They inspire, encourage, challenge and change us. Here are links to some story related videos.

Leadership talk

'It is best if evangelism is put in the context of the kingdom and mission. Then it becomes an invitation (evangelism) to join in with what God is doing in the world (mission).'
Robert Warren

Next month...

Messy Church leadership

Lucy Moore on leadership of Messy Churches.  


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