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May I ask a personal question? What does fun look like for you? What brings a smile to your face, a skip to your step or laughter to your belly?
Pause for a moment and think about your answer.
Here is another way of considering this. If you look at your diary for the autumn term, how many entries do you anticipate with pleasure because you know the event will contain at least an element of fun?  

Leadership inevitably involves a fair amount of serious stuff – tough decisions to make, complex issues to resolve, tricky relationship scenarios to navigate. And this time of the year is often full-on for those in church leadership roles, with lots of things getting started for the 'new year'. It is quite possible to be buried in busyness – demanding, serious busyness.
If we’re not careful, all the fun goes.

We are no longer able to laugh easily at ourselves. We no longer do any of the things that bring a sense of fun to us – everything from the monthly trip to the cinema to the daily walk with the dog, from the day off with long-term friends to the taking up of a new hobby. Over time, if this pattern persists, we begin to lose perspective, to identify ourselves too closely with work, and can begin to struggle under the pressure. Not only are we impacted, but often those around us, especially those closest to us.
Did you answer the earlier question? If so, does whatever you identified have a sufficient place in your diary? And if you skipped over the question, or couldn’t answer it, perhaps now is a good time to take a few minutes to review what brings you fun. (You can download a brief resource to help with this here).
Fun is good for you physiologically, psychologically and spiritually. Why not build a little fun into your diary, and encourage others around you to do the same?  

Lead on

Leadership of a Messy Church

Lucy Moore, Director of Messy Church for BRF, reflects on what is required of leaders of Messy Churches, one of the fastest growing fresh expressions of church in the UK.
Indulge me for a moment, as I ponder what a training course might look like for training up leaders of Messy Church. This exercise highlights something about the shape of the person, family and society that Messy Church could help bring about.
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London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
Within the Resources Zone of the LICC website there are some very helpful insights into leadership-related issues including interviews with those working in the leadership arena, such as Jill Garrett.
Leadership Journal
Many will be familiar with the website of the US magazine, Christianity Today, but its worth taking a look at the allied website Leadership Journal. Some of the resources and articles require subscription but there are many thought provoking articles which are freely accessible.
Bill Hybels
This talk is from the 2013 HTB leadership conference (see also Additional Resources below). Bill Hybels, senior pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, gives some sage advice on leadership and particularly enabling vision, identifying leaders and the importance of sustaining oneself in leadership. Some of the illustrations given struggle to survive translation from the culture and scale of a US mega church to those of many local churches in the UK, but nevertheless the talk offers much practical wisdom in leading effectively. 

Additional resource material

Arthur Rank Centre
For those working in rural contexts, the Arthur Rank Centre has an incredible number of resources on its website. The best way to access these is to click through to their overview here, which is updated regularly. 
HTB leadership conference
If you weren’t able to make the HTB leadership conference this year, all the talks are freely available on their website to download and listen

Leadership talk

'It has been my personal experience that laughter is not only good medicine for the soul, it is also an effective tool to inspire and equip others.'
Tony Brown, President of the Servant Leadership Institute

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Leading well during a vacancy

John Fisher on leading well during a vacancy.  


Further apps to help in leadership.

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