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New incumbents

The Buck Stops Here conferences are designed for those who have recently started (or are about to start) their first post of responsibility - whether this is moving from being a curate to a vicar, or returning to parish ministry after non-parochial appointments or service overseas.

CPAS has for many years supported clergy moving into first posts of responsibility, either from curacies to incumbencies or from sector ministries to parochial posts. The Buck Stops Here conference is a great opportunity for those moving into these new areas of ministry. Some PCCs or dioceses see this conference as part of in-service training (CME) towards which they might contribute financially.

The Buck Stops Here: It’s about being disciples of Christ together

The Buck Stops Here: It’s about being disciples of Christ together

The Buck Stops Here offers:

  • An opportunity to discuss key issues.
  • Input and advice from experienced ministers. Topics include leadership, vision and goal setting, managing change and time, developing evangelism and teaching, communications, vicarage life and pastoral care.
  • Time for prayer, reflection and personal space.
  • Time to share and minister to one another.

For further information, please contact Graham Archer on 0300 123 0780 or

There is also a booklet addressing this topic in the Grove Leadership Series: The Quantum Leap: From Assistant to Senior Minister. Visit the CPAS shop to find out more.



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