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Over 300 people have participated in Arrow in the UK and Ireland, and over 1,900 worldwide. Listen to and read some of their stories below.

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Participants' stories


Mark Cotterill, Salvation Army Officer, Crofton

Applying for the Arrow Leadership Programme was the best decision I've ever made! I've known for a while that God has wired me to lead and I've been passionate about leadership ever since I was aware of this. What Arrow does is affirm and harness all that by systematically building into me the 'know how' and 'craft' of leadership. As a result I'm left with passion and skill and overall am much more confident in who God has called me to be!


Henry Curran, Vicar in Nottingham

I applied to Arrow as a final attempt to survive in a ministry that had left me pretty bruised and fast approaching burnout. It has been a truly ministry-saving experience. The combination of a remarkably loving community, some excellent Bible teaching and great wisdom from some very experienced leaders enabled me to find a fresh intimacy with God and to learn skills and habits that have transformed my ministry and leaves me looking forward to many decades of it. It has been the most significant thing since I became a Christian.


Jonathan Dowman, Leader B1 Church and Bishops Advisor on Fresh Expressions in Birmingham

I found Arrow a deeply affirming and encouraging experience, not simply of my leadership but as a person made in the image of God. I thought Arrow would be largely about my leadership competence and style. I thought it would explore issues and ideas and equip me to lead my team and community better. However, what I didn't think would happen is that I would find Arrow such a deeply moving, affirming and enabling programme personally. Although I have found it hard, Arrowhas helped me to see myself in a clear and better way. I feel more confident in my strengths and am more aware of my weaknesses in ways that I couldn't have managed before. I am very grateful.


Matt Hird, Curate in Wolverhampton

I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in Arrow - it is a real gift. The powerful combination of creative teaching, learning in community, peer cells, mentoring, worship, projects and reading, all contribute to the Arrowexperience so that the whole package really delivers transformation. Through Arrow God has begun a significant transformation in my leadership and my engagement in personal evangelism, but more fundamentally in my character. I am sure this will continue as I keep integrating the material. As I now embark on my first incumbency I cannot have asked for a better foundation for life and ministry.


Becky Jones, Associate Vicar in Birmingham

Arrow has been a privilege and I've loved it! I'm very grateful for the quality of the skills training and for the experience of being in this community, for the wisdom, quality relationships and fun. The Arrow team 'model' what is taught and I've been given great tools that will be valuable through the years ahead. I've been surprised by the changes that have happened, seeing some good habits take root. I've understood myself and others better and can now see ways to flex when leading with others. I believe this will continue to shape me and my way of life in Christ. It's been deeply practical and inspiring, challenging and affirming - a truly safe place to grow. Thank you God for all you do through Arrow!


Hannah Mears, Assistant Curate in St Austell

Arrow was an unforgettable experience full of helpful challenges, great teaching, supportive friends and lots of fun along the way. I am left better equipped for my leadership both now and in the future. The tools I have been given have already shaped my current ministry and grown my confidence to an extent that others have noticed a difference. Arrow's clear focus on personal formation was furthered through time spent with my leadership partner, mentor and peer cell group all of whom gave me honest feedback and support. This has not been introspective but has reinvigorated my calling to shape the church for evangelism and mission. The process has not always been easy, and is not for the faint-hearted, but it has powerfully released me into being the leader God has made me to be.


Kat Mepham, Associate Pastor in Lychett Matravers

I came on Arrow expecting to learn how to be a better leader - I did that but more importantly, I learned how to be more 'me'. I am more confident and expectant of what God will do in me and my community. Arrow is a safe supportive place to be vulnerable, learn from others and grow in leadership abilities. It is a life-changing experience that will benefit you, your family, your church and your community.


Saju Muthalaly, Associate Vicar in Kendal

Of the many things I have invested my time in the last five years I can honestly say Arrow has been the most transformational. I will look back into the lessons learned in decades to come. Loved it. One of the most effective tools impacting the nation. Go on Arrow and it will be worth the while!



Libby Talbot, School Chaplain in Cheltenham

Arrow has been an oasis for me in the midst of my busy life in ministry. A time of resourcing, inspiration and space to reflect, refreshing me for the next 30 years of ministry! The quality of Bible teaching and worship has been excellent and every single part of the teaching on Arrow has been of the highest quality. The speakers in each session and every stream know their stuff but are also humble, gentle and understanding as well as making everything relevant. One of the best things about Arrow is the community of people who I have met, all gathered from different backgrounds at the same oasis. There has been such honesty and openness and encouragement of each other as we get ready to journey on together.


Mark Wallace, Vicar in Lightwater

Everyone I've ever met who's done the Arrow Leadership Programme raves about it. This is no accident! It is the best constructed, most holistic learning environment I have ever come across. Over four residentials and a variety of contexts in between, I have been challenged to dig deep into my own personal 'stuff' and do business with God about it. I have been given tools to explore leadership and evangelism, which have already been useful but will, I trust, be invaluable over what I hope will be a lifetime in ministry. I have met a wonderful group of people and have benefited hugely from the experience.



Sami Watts, NSM in Northwood

Thank you for Arrow - it covers so much, both with breadth and real depth. Arrow has brought me into an amazing network of relationships with such a diverse group of leaders. The skills, wisdom and experience of the team, and those providing input have been more than matched by the passion, honesty, humour and situations of the participants. I've loved getting to know these people and feel that God has challenged and shaped me through them, through this incredible process and through some of the most stimulating teaching I've ever received. Thank you!


Kate Wharton, Priest-in-Charge in Liverpool

I'd thought of applying for Arrow for several years but something always got in the way. On this occasion it just felt like the right time - and it really was! Arrow has been a total lifeline and an oasis. It's been an incredible privilege to be part of such a community of real love and grace. I've learnt practices and principles which will impact my leadership for the rest of my life (and I'm sure all those I'm responsible for leading will be profoundly grateful!). I've had awesome encounters with God where I've been reminded and reassured of his absolute love, joy and delight in me. I've been lovingly and graciously challenged to grow and develop into the best leader I can be. Arrow is without question the best thing I've ever done and I'm profoundly grateful for it.


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