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Leading Well

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Ideas and inspiration on how to grow as a Christian leader.

Christians lead in a wide variety of contexts - workplaces, schools, community groups, charities, homes and churches. Many of those exercising leadership won't see themselves as leaders, but leading they are. This event is a great opportunity to explore how to lead better in any context, and how as churches we can resource better leadership throughout the year in simple and doable ways.

Bring a car load (or two) of people. It is equally applicable to existing or emerging leaders, confident or reluctant leaders. They will learn and laugh, be equipped and inspired, and have practical ways to continue supporting one another as they leave. These events will be led by author and leadership development specialist James Lawrence.

Here's what some have said about the event:

'Thought-provoking, practical and including inspiration from best
practice outside the church as well as from within it.'

'I arrived thinking I knew about leadership - I left thinking about how
much I had learned and how I could apply it to my leadership role.'

'Probably the best and most fruitful two hours I've spent so far this year.'

Forthcoming events are listed below. If you are interested in hosting a Leading Well event please contact James on

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