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Leadership School (1+2+3) Sale

7 Mar 2018
Ashton-on-Mersey St Mary Magdalene
M33 6GD (Map)

The nurture and growth of leadership in the churches we serve is perhaps the greatest gift we can offer to those for whom we have a responsibility. Over the course of these three days, CPAS is offering a 'mini leadership school' during which we will explore a number of issues that will help you 'step up' in the leadership you bring and nurture in others. Each of the three days is designed to 'stand alone' - but the three days will coalesce to offer the chance to engage in a short course / 'school' of leadership.

Each day will have a dual focus on both the internal and external landscapes of leadership, i.e. how to be formed and sustained in leadership, as well as knowing how to exercise and develop leadership skills. All three days will have a mixture of teaching, discussion and group work. They will be interactive and offer specific 'follow on' tasks, exercises and 'homework' to enable delegates to apply the learning to their ministerial contexts.

On 7 March:
• Starting right and staying healthy
• Navigating the 'choppy waters' of local church life

On 20 June:
• Dealing with expectations
• Working with others (building and maintaining effective teams, mentoring and nurturing others)

On 19 September:
• Knowing ourselves
• The role of leaders in building evangelistically 'shaped' churches

The days are designed for both clergy and significant lay leaders such as wardens, church staff, PCC members, Readers, elders, deacons and small group leaders. Each day will be led by John Dunnett from 10am-3.30pm (refreshments from 9.45am, please bring your own lunch).

The fee for attending all three events is £56.

To attend just one or two events, see further details here

Course fee
£ 56.00

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