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Theme: Tackling the Tough Stuff

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The 2019 consultation will explore how leaders within larger churches can tackle head on some of the challenging issues that can - if left unattended - limit and even undermine their mission and ministry.

The following is an overview of the issues and discussions that will make up this stimulating consultation.


The challenge of building teams of leaders (and not just 'teams') includes the following :

  • What are the expectations on senior team members (from within and outside the team)?
  • Are there any dynamics to which senior teams are particularly prone (i.e. not PCCs - but the 'exec' team in a larger church of 4 or 5 people)?
  • How does one as team leader equip and envision the senior team?
  • What does accountability and management look like in a senior team?
  • What is the governance relationship between the senior team and the whole church (including PCC etc.)?


The call to church leadership in the 21st century is a call to leadership in a post-Christendom and largely non-Christian culture. This is a demanding context in which to lead and requires leaders to address:

  • How to nurture/develop resilience in oneself - particularly for those who are the main or senior leaders in a larger church context.
  • How to help nurture and grow resilience in and amongst our other staff colleagues (and particularly amongst young adults).


Larger churches are often an epicentre for the training of young leaders. The fruitful development of young leaders necessitates that older, more established leaders are informed about and sensitive to a number of issues:

  • To the differences between young adults and previous generations of leaders - sociologically/psychologically etc.
  • To what good practice regarding the discipling of young adults might look like.
  • To the 'blind spots' of young adults (and those of older/senior leaders!) - and how we can sensitively challenge them.
  • To the implications for structuring established leadership in churches, given the need to introduce young adults into leadership.
  • To be equipped to create opportunities for the development of young adult leaders.


Many leaders of larger churches are sold the myth that 'you have all the resources ' you need - the reality they experience often feels very different. In this part of the Consultation, we will explore how to:

  • Inspire and shape the contribution of volunteer leaders.
  • Structure for efficiency.
  • Release hidden capacity.

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