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New Chapters

Are you moving to a new post soon? Or have you recently moved? New Chapters is a new conference specifically for clergy who are moving to a new incumbency or area of ministry.

This practical and spiritual retreat will help you fire up the new phase of ministry God has called you to. We will cover areas such as letting go of the past and grabbing the potential of a new beginning, making the early days count, discerning fresh vision and establishing new patterns.

The event is suitable for anyone who is already appointed to a post but hasn't yet moved, and anyone within the first nine months of a new appointment.

If you are starting your first role of overall responsiblity (e.g. from curate to incumbent), you may find The Buck Stops Here more beneficial.

New Chapters conferences run Monday lunchtime to Thursday lunchtime.

There are no events scheduled at the moment. Please email Graham Archer on to register your interest.


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