Deeper discussions

Many struggle with conflict. Christians often avoid it - especially in the Church. Growing Bridgebuilders is a practical resource that will help people be better equipped for life together.

It focuses on building bridges, and how to embrace and transform differences, tensions and conflicts as a way to grow a healthy Christian community. It distils the core of Bridge Builders' acclaimed training courses into an effective toolkit for leaders to use with others.

Here are a few thoughts from people who have experienced the Growing Bridgebuilders course:

'The course is an opportunity to transform the way conflict is dealt with within the church and shows us how to pursue peace in a way that benefits everyone concerned.' Clemy Gilmore

'Growing Bridgebuilders gives people confidence to speak openly and honestly, and to be more open in listening to others. The course enables participants to engage in deeper discussions about faith and how we relate to one another, opening up new ways of looking at one another.' Claire Starr

'It transformed the way I handle conflict in my work and at home.' Course Participant at Chipping Campden

'It works! At the end of our course, all our participants said their attitude to conflict at home, work and church had been transformed!' The Rev Andy Hayes

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