Mentoring Matters

Mentoring has played a crucial role in the discipleship and leadership of many men, women and young people.  

Mentoring Matters is an easy-to-use pack with everything you need to start a church-based mentoring network: identifying, equipping and resourcing mentors.

Here is a selection of quotations about people who have been mentored, as well as those who have experience of mentoring, to illustrate the positive impact of these enriching relationships:

'I discovered that my experience both in business and in my personal walk with Christ was frequently a relevant and rich source of understanding, and that the Holy Spirit was a true guide in our discussions.' Chris Holloway, Mentor

'Don't just say what you think you ought to - be open and honest, and prepared to be vulnerable yourself.' Karen Mann, Mentor

'The best thing you can do is listen [to God, and the other person], and discern where God is at work in their life. It's not something you go into to get something out of it yourself, but you will anyway - it's a great way to grow as a Christian.' David Keen, Mentor

'I don't think we're intended to grow as disciples on our own. Mentoring is not about giving someone permission to barge into your life, it's about helping you achieve growth which you couldn't achieve on your own.' Malcolm Nichols, Mentee/Mentor

'It gave me a confidence boost, a push, to have someone saying "Come on, you can do it".' Lorraine Cattrell, Mentee

'I valued the ability to discuss and process my thoughts and experiences with someone and learn from the outcomes. There was no judgement or criticism, just an open and honest place for discussion.' Alex Dyball, Mentee

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