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Gareth and Becky Davies

Working with children and families is in Gareth and Becky Davies' blood. They have both previously worked in church settings in that context, and although Gareth continues to do so, Becky now works in a residential home with elderly people as an Activities Co-ordinator (and continues to frequently volunteer with the children and families at our church).

Gareth&beckydaviesGareth comments: 'We have loved every minute of being part of CPAS Ventures. Becky has been involved in CPAS Ventures for around 21 years, and became an overall leader around 10 years ago. I joined her about 7 years ago in that joint role.

'However, this isn't the only reason why Ventures have had such an impact. Becky became a Christian on a Venture, and knows the impact they can have on a child. We also feel they can be as beneficial for the people that send them along as well. We have both had many conversations with parents and guardians who value the chance for their child to spend a week away having lots of fun, making new friends, and most importantly, learning more about the Bible. Especially with the support of their wonderful dorm leaders.

'In fact, one of our highlights each year is seeing the parents arrive to pick their children up and noticing a change in them. One parent even commented on how much their child had grown up in one week.

'The best part of being involved in a Venture (apart from seeing God work so powerfully, of course) is working with a brilliant team. It's amazing how connected you can feel to people you see very rarely, and have probably never worked with before. It really does feel like being part of the body of Christ. We are very fortunate to have three fellow organisers, Mike, Karen and Katy, who are a joy to work alongside. We are very different characters in one sense, but this diversity massively benefits the Venture, and there is strong mutual respect between all of us.

'Fitting the Venture in between our other commitments can be difficult. It is a year-long process and, at times, it can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is important to us to know that God continues to call us to fill this role.

'It's hard to explain why we recommend volunteering for Ventures and Falcons so much because it's hard to describe how amazing the experience is. You really have to take part to understand how rewarding it feels, and how much you see God working in the hearts of those that come. The amount of leaders we have returning each year is testament to how much of a blessing it is.'


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