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Rohit Trivedi

This year's Venture holidays will be led by nearly 3,000 volunteers like Rohit Trivedi, an IT worker from London. As he experienced on Stanbridge Earls 3, Rohit is one of many young people who have taken their first steps in leadership on Ventures.

Rohit Trivedi'I started volunteering on Ventures aged 22, just two years after becoming a Christian. Over time I was given more responsibility, so having felt like a helper the penny dropped that I was becoming a leader. Being part of a team of leaders, I had the space to grow and never felt overwhelmed or isolated.

'Most people commit to leading on Ventures for a few years, so there is a stable environment and a sense of community which helps people grow. We've now got about a dozen leaders aged 17 to 24 on Stanbridge Earls 3, and my role encompasses caring for them and allowing them to develop.

'The biggest impact I witness on Ventures is the long-term effect on people who come back for a few years. I can now see others developing as leaders, as well as seeing kids growing in their faith - and that's the great encouragement that keeps me coming back.'

Rohit Trivedi, Venture leader

Your support enables us to make Venture holidays a reality for about 4,000 young people and their volunteer leaders each year.

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