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CPAS enables churches to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus

Jon Scamman

Jon Scamman was appointed as vicar of St Thomas's Lancaster in autumn 2010. CPAS is the UK's leading evangelical patron, involved in the appointment of dozens of clergy each year.

Jon Scamman'I believe God has called me here to reach a city, not just run a church. We're serving the people of Lancaster in various ways, and sharing the story of Jesus through mission initiatives such as an Easter festival in the town square.

'Through various outreach activities we are drawing people in, so they can access different routes to explore the Christian faith and discover God's love for themselves. Often the best ideas have come from church members, such as serving tea and coffee to city centre clubbers on Saturday nights. We also held a 'feeding the 5,000' initiative as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus with ministry over mealtimes, including street BBQs, feeding the homeless and handing out cakes to people out and about in the city.

'Our new vision is 'Sharing God's love from the heart of the city', as we harness people's passion to make an impact and strive to be intentional about building community with people outside the church.'

Jon Scamman, vicar, St Thomas's Lancaster

Your support for CPAS ensures our continued role as an evangelical mission agency involved the appointment of clergy to more than 500 Church of England benefices.

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