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Faithful supporters, faithful God

Putting God at the centre of all we do is a big priority for everyone involved in Ventures. Overall leader Naomi Heywood tells us more about how God is working through the prayers of supporters at Ashdown Forest.

Encouraging support

Young people at Ashdown Forest'There's nothing quite like knowing people are praying for you when you are on a Venture! Camp can be so busy and can become its own little world, so just knowing people are praying helps us keep in mind that it's God's work, not ours, and that we are part of a bigger picture and a wider community.

'For several years, we've sent prayer emails before and during the Venture to the leaders' friends, families and churches and other supporters. This year, we set up a Facebook prayer group too, which was a fantastic way to get more people praying, and was easy for leaders to invite their friends to. It also allowed more interaction as everyone could see when people sent messages of support or shared what God was saying to them about the Venture.

Answered prayer

'Throughout the week, we saw God working powerfully. We had a couple of situations which we asked our supporters to pray for involving behaviour. We saw the young people's behaviour improve greatly and it was an amazing reminder of God's graciousness to us.

'Our Bible teaching was based around different people's encounters at the foot of the cross (e.g. the criminal, the roman solider, Mary, Peter). We encouraged the young people to think about their own stories, and several of them responded by giving their lives to Christ. We know this is something only God can do - we were very aware of his presence with us in response to the prayers of our faithful supporter base.

Our faithful God

'Ashdown Forest has been running for 30 years now, which is a testimony to God's faithfulness. Many Ashdown Forest 'alumni' are involved in supporting us through prayer and also financial giving and offering their skills. Having such a long history behind us reminds us that God has been faithful, and that he is at the centre and is timeless and unchanging. It is wonderful to know that he is working through us as we honour him through all the conversations, games, talks and activities on the Venture.'

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Putting God at the centre of all we do is a big priority for everyone involved in Ventures. Overall leader Naomi Heywood tells us …


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