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Matt Lawes

Fifty teenagers embarked on a 10 day Venture at Quantock in rural Somerset, with Overall Leader Matt Lawes reporting back on how they enjoyed a fantastic holiday with some great teaching.

'We always talk about providing fun and safe holidays, and there was a real atmosphere of friendship in the group this summer,' said Matt. 'Having that environment makes a real difference because it allows us leaders to focus on teaching well and having great faithbased conversations with the members.

'Our theme was based on the question 'what is God like?' because these young people are growing up in a world where many people don't believe in God or have major misconceptions about what he's like. 'The message we were hoping to convey is that we have a good God who is worth following. Bible talks included looking at God as creator, judge, saviour and life-giver, while we also had teaching addressing what he gives us, such as hope, a new family, status and direction.'

Seminar-style discussions were also run for Christians towards the older end of the group, delving deeper into topics such as identity, ambition, gender and sexuality. Matt was really encouraged by the response to the teaching and Bible studies throughout the Venture. He added: 'The talks were really well received, with all the members really open to listening and talking about faith issues. We had several young people who were already professing Christians and are beginning to take their faith more seriously, along with several non-Christians who are really exploring. Some of the early feedback includes a message from a parent saying their son has returned home sounding so much more confident in his faith.'

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