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So, You’re Married to the Minister?

Insights from women to enrich the journey

A 'costly adventure' is how one person describes being married to a minister. Whether you resonate more with the 'adventure; or the 'costly' aspect of the description, this exploration of the unique joys and challenges of being a women who is married to a minister offers practical tools to aid reflection.



Written from Charlotte Nobb's and Di Archer's own experiences, it is honest, realistic and hopeful. Its interactive style includes journal pages, and contributions from a wide variety of women in the same situation.

Watch this video to hear Charlotte and Di's motivation for writing the book:

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QuoteThis innovative book is written from Charlotte and Di's own experiences as women married to ministers. The focus on women is deliberate as our research for this project suggested that there are some significant differences in the experiences of men and women married to ministers.

So, You're Married To the Minister is therefore part of CPAS' commitment to resourcing women in many spheres of church life, including endorsing women in leadership at every level.


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