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We are taking a break over the summer to pray and plan for the autumn term. Watch recordings of the previous series of webinars, as well as download related resources.

Lead On is the free CPAS leadership email, resourcing you and your ministry with a monthly bulletin direct to your inbox.

Vacancies at CPAS patronage churches and beyond where we'd love to see Jesus-centred, mission-focused leaders appointed.

Lead On article by Hilary Edgerton. Prisons aren't the place we may instinctively turn for lessons on leadership, but in this article Hilary Edgerton, Chaplain at HMP Buckley Hall, suggests there are lessons to learn.

Lead On article by John Valentine. If you asked a bunch of church plant leaders what was distinctive about leading in a church plant context, what would they say? John Valentine has done exactly that for our third article on leading a church plant.

Recording and resources from the fourth series of webinars for church leaders.

Lead On article by John Valentine. Who can lead a church plant? John explores some of the key characteristics of those who lead church plants. The answer may surprise you.

Lead On article by John Valentine. What is distinctive about leading in church planting? John explores three tensions that the church planter must navigate: the intersection between church and mission, between context and the leader's gifts, and between short and long term.

Lead On article by Sam Corley. At what point do you start to offer someone a leadership opportunity in their discipleship journey? Straightaway? After they reach a certain level of knowledge? Maturity? Sam suggests four things we can do to encourage people in their development as leaders. 

We have produced a wide range of free resources to enable church leaders to lead their congregations and communities through the recovery phase of the pandemic.