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Effective, Christ-centred leadership at all levels is essential for healthy, growing churches. Whether you want to grow new leaders or invest in those already leading, we can help.


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Lead On article by Sam Corley. At what point do you start to offer someone a leadership opportunity in their discipleship journey? Straightaway? After they reach a certain level of knowledge? Maturity? Sam suggests four things we can do to encourage people in their development as leaders. 

Lead On article by Liz Dumain. Maybe part of the reason we see fewer young people in our chuches is that we wait too long to give their gifts a chance to break out? But what if that means our churches are missing out on a richness that comes from a journey shared as we all grow together?

Lead On article by Simon Barrington and Rachel Leutchford. Based on research amongst 500 Christian millennial leaders, Simon and Rachel offer six areas to focus on when looking to encourage millennials in their leadership. 

Lead On article by Emma Sykes. Jesus encouraged the children to come to him but how often do you see children involved in the ministry of the church? Emma reflects on a recent experience, giving crucial ways of ensuring they continue to grow into mature disciples.

Lead On article by Pete Wynter and Helen Dunn. If you want to raise up leaders, then you need to make sure the environment is an effective space in order to do this. Pete and Helen consider three environmental 'must-haves'.

Lead On article by Ben Dyer. Being a young leader can be difficult. Ben draws on his own experience to provide four lessons that he has learnt along the way, as well as the things others have done that have helped or hindered.

Lead On article by Luke Smith. Simply put, young adults want to build a church community, they don’t want to attend one. They are participators and contributors not attenders wanting to be entertained. 

Lead On article by Andy Castle. Developing and nurturing young leaders is an imperative for the future of the church. Andy chats to three young people as he explores how we may best do this.

Lead On article by Nick Cuthbert. Looking at the biblical charge to 'lead with diligence', Nick explores what it means to know yourself as a leader, and how you might grow in Godly character and self-awareness of your capability.

Lead On article by James Lawrence. We’ll rarely find the perfect leader, ready made and raring to go. But what are we to look for? Scripture provides key characteristics and qualities we should look for in a leader but also things to consider before placing them into leadership roles.