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Looking to invest in your clergy and lay leaders? We can help with CME, IME, learning communities, leadership programmes and more.


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Looking for more information about what we can offer dioceses to help with the developing of missional leaders? A downloadable leaflet with information about our leadership programmes, learning communities, short courses and training days.

Flourish is a joint two-year CPAS and LICC programme. It emerged from the Setting God’s People Free initiative and aims to nurture the missional courage, confidence and competence of churches to enable Christians to become confident disciples of Jesus in both their ‘gathered’ and ‘scattered’ lives.

Whether you are a vicar at a CPAS patronage church, a churchwarden or PCC seeking to find your next vicar, a church leader looking for your next post or a member of diocesan staff involved in a patronage process, we are here to help you.

A tailor-made leadership course aimed at the transformation of clergy as leaders in mission over at least ten months. The programme addresses not only leadership skills but underlying issues of character, vocation and the spiritual life. 

Residentials enabling pupils at Church of England primary schools to investigate the Christian faith and strengthen links with their supporting churches. School Ventures enhance children's RE experience and underscore the Christian distinctiveness of Church of England schools. 

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. This day will look at how we can make the most of every meeting, with practical insights into everything from the PCC to pastoral occasion, from a supervision to a gathering of the WI. Meetings matter because meetings are ministry. 

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. This day offers space for incumbents in multi-parish benefices to reflect and think theologically and practically about the leadership required for grouped churches to become truly missional in attitude and action. 

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. This is a day for those working with others in overall leadership, identifying some of the common issues for those in the second chair, exploring how to work with these tensions, and offering a forum to share concerns and struggles. 

A training topic CPAS offers for dioceses. For clergy considering a change of role, knowing how to tackle the various questions and decisions it involves can be difficult. This day offers insights and useful frameworks for those thinking through a move.

A training topic CPAS offers to dioceses. There is always a lot to do. Jobs pile up, diaries get full, pressure increases. This day focuses on the practicalities of ordering a workflow, taking into account many different aspects - including the joys of filing!