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Helping your congregations, fresh expression or mission community thrive and grow so you can help many more people hear and discover the good news of Jesus.


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Recording and resources from Summer 2022 webinars for church leaders.

A free downloadable guide to help churches in vacancy navigate the process of appointing God's next leader for their parish. Everything from understanding the stages of the appointment process to creating a parish profile, appointing parish reps to advertising, shortlisting and interviews.

Ventures and Falcons are holidays for 8-18s packed full of great activities and masses of fun while enjoying the opportunity to explore life with Jesus.

Whether you are a vicar at a CPAS patronage church, a churchwarden or PCC seeking to find your next vicar, a church leader looking for your next post or a member of diocesan staff involved in a patronage process, we are here to help you.

This document is a useful guide to all things patronage; it suggests why patronage is helpful, why CPAS is involved in patronage, and answers other issues that surround an ancient and historic tradition within the Church of England.

Choose from a glorious variety of discipleship resources for groups from many different publishers, all reviewed and rated to save you time. Resources available for adults, youth and children, no matter where they are on the journey - enquiring about the Christian faith, starting out, or growing.