Developing Courage

Leadership is often messy. Those we oversee or lead with can hold very different views and expectations, and it’s impossible to please everyone.

Furthermore, people can exhibit poor behaviours which, if not addressed, can make an underlying culture feel unsafe and toxic. And even if all are pulling in the same direction, change can feel risky without any guarantees about successful outcomes.

This day will explore what we mean by courage and why leading courageously matters in building healthy churches.

Drawing on the challenges in our own contexts, it will offer an opportunity to think honestly about the fears that a leader commonly experiences, particularly those which prevent us taking action when we know we should. It will then identify very practical ways of overcoming these fears so that our leadership is shaped by courage and resolve.

CPAS can run this in your diocese as part of IME/CME training, at a diocesan conference or as a session within a wider diocesan leadership programme.

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