Diocesan Leadership Programmes

It is both an exciting and challenging time for clergy, as the Church seeks to be about the mission and ministry of Christ in a rapidly changing world. Drawing on CPAS’ extensive experience of running leadership development processes, we now offer dioceses a tailor-made leadership course for clergy based on the following principles.

Transformational process

This is a process (over at least ten months) aimed at transformation of clergy as leaders in mission. It isn’t simply about applying some leadership skills, but addresses underlying issues of character, vocation and the spiritual life.

Diocesan owned

The course is run by the diocese, resourced by CPAS. The diocese decides who it is aimed at in consultation with CPAS, invites people to attend and arranges the practical details. It may easily run alongside other leadership development provision within the diocese.

Intentional commitment

Participants complete an application form, and commit to the whole of the course process, with a high expectation of involvement throughout.

Contextually focused

Each clergy person is leading in a unique context, and therefore the outworking of the course needs to be tailored to each individual. This is done through a personal development plan and the help of a mentor.

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