CPAS has a long history of making grants to different organisations and individuals. Indeed, the original purpose for CPAS being set-up in 1836 was for the making of grants for additional clergy and lay workers in the growing urban areas.

In recent years the funds available for those type of grants have diminished significantly and, in the early part of the 21st century, CPAS stopped giving grants to parishes and is now involved with grant-making in these areas:

Ministers in Training (MIT) fund

Grants for ordinands, to provide financial assistance during training. Please be sure to read the information sheet, which includes conditions for receiving a grant, before completing an application form. Applications are considered three times a year, and should be submitted by the end of September, January, or (for students who are not in their final year) April.

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Society for the Relief of Poor Clergy (SRPC)

The Society for the Relief of Poor Clergy, although an independent organisation, distributes some funds on behalf of Mabledon, for evangelical clergy/accredited lay ministers during a difficult personal time. Applications are considered in March, May and October, and these should be submitted in the the second week of the preceding month. 

The SRPC also offers grants for evangelical clergy who need help with fees for their children going on Christian holidays. Priority will be given to applications from clergy who are attending holidays in leadership positions. The fund is limited and grants are considered having regard to individual financial and family circumstances. 

If you have any queries about the SRPC or would like to make an application, please visit or contact

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Please note: Those interested in applying for a grant in either of these areas should read the CPAS Basis of Faith before submitting an application.