Growing Leaders - Teams

Intended to be used alongside our Growing Leaders course, this downloadable supplement has been specifically designed for use within church leadership teams.

This supplement aims to help you grow as a collaborative team of lay and ordained people, working together to lead, envision, enable and release all God’s people for mission and ministry in the whole of life, through the local church.

Who is it for?

Church leadership teams vary in size, composition and official status. However, we would expect the following to be true of such teams:

  • They are likely to consist of paid staff and volunteers.
  • They are responsible for oversight and direction of the mission and ministry of the church.
  • They meet regularly.
  • They are recognised as the leadership team by others.
  • There is an overall leader of the team.

(Please note that this material is designed specifically for recognised teams of church leaders: elders, leadership teams or other groups with an emphasis on shared leadership. It is not appropriate for committees or statutory bodies such as church councils, vestries or PCCs.)

What is included? 

  • A guide to adapting the Growing Leaders material for use with a leadership team. For example, key skills and projects are more relevant to leaders and mentoring and one-on-one development is done in a team context.
  • Exploration of the strengths of teams biblically, theologically and practically.
  • Material on 'What does a good team look like?', healthy leadership and effective mission.
  • An introductory session geared specifically to leadership teams.
  • Supplementary material for each of the eight Growing Leaders sessions.
  • Additional PowerPoint slides and handout.
Price: £5.00