Leading Evangelism Guides and Articles

Free, downloadable, practical materials to help the ministry of evangelism flourish in your context.

Each one is copyright CPAS but comes with permission to share in your church. If you would like to use them outside of your church context please contact us.



  • Prayer and Evangelism
    Evangelism begins with prayer, but many are not sure who to pray for or how to pray. Packed full of suggested prayers and ideas on what to pray. 
  • Getting Started
    Asking questions is a great way to encourage and equip people to share their faith. This guide explains why this is a good approach and offers a range of questions people could use.
  • How to Tell Your Story
    Our stories are a great way of connecting people to faith matters, and this e-learning module helps people to tell their story in a short and helpful manner. 
  • Different Expectations in Evangelism
    What expectations might we have of our congregation members when it comes to sharing faith? Of our leaders? Of evangelists?  
  • Code of Ethics for Christian Witness 
    Sadly faith has not always been shared in a God-honouring way. Here’s a simple code to reflect on as a Church that can ensure that we share Christ in ways that honour Christ and the people we speak with.
  • Top Five Evangelism Training Materials 
    With so many evangelism training courses out there which one do you use? Here are our five top suggestions (plus some additional ones as a bonus), with links to a full review of each and to the materials themselves.
  • Five Thresholds to Faith
    A summary building on the work of Shaupp and Evert's excellent book, Pathways to Jesus, on the five thresholds people often cross on the way to faith, and how we can best connect with them at each threshold. 
  • Evangelists - A gift to the church 
    A guide to the role of the evangelist which challenges some of the stereotypes and offers some insights into how to spot an evangelist.
  • Evangelists inventory 
    A guide to help someone discern if they are an evangelist. 


For those who would like to explore evangelism in a little greater depth.