PCC Tonight - MPB Sessions (Download)

Your Guide to Leading a PCC: Sessions for Multi-Parish Benefices. The six sessions for PCCs of multi-parish benefices are based on the format of the original PCC resource, PCC Tonight, which helps PCCs to review their purpose and working practices.  

In these sessions, we concentrate on some of the specific issues that arise in multi-parish benefices (MPBs). You may find these sessions extremely helpful as a follow-up to the original PCC Tonight sessions. However, if your PCCs are already functioning well, and are focused on the three key aspects of church life – worship, mission and community – then these sessions work well as a stand-alone resource to help all your churches flourish.  

They could be used in each PCC across a group, or with a group council or in special meetings of PCCs joining together.  

These six sessions cover:  

  1. Joys and challenges in a multi-parish benefice.  
  2. Relating well across the group.  
  3. Hospitality.  
  4. Nurturing leaders.  
  5. Better together.  
  6. Vision for the future.  

Each session is around 35-40 minutes long and can be used in a number of different ways.  

  • You can use a session at the start of a PCC meeting as the first item on the agenda, doing one each time you meet over several meetings, or perhaps every other meeting.  
  • You can easily expand a session to make it a longer item, up to 60 minutes.  
  • You can link several sessions together and use them on a PCC away morning or day.  

Download a Session Taster

Price: £4.50