Thrive Book

Thrive: Helping your Multi-parish Benefice to Grow 

Written for incumbents and other key leaders in churches, the book explores the rationale, theology, possibilities and practicalities that underpin the Thrive approach to mission and ministry in Multi-Parish Benefices. 

‘Helpful and practical … shows what is possible and is a source of great encouragement.’

Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

The book is based on the six topics that are core to the Thrive Collection, and each is explored using insights from our work with churches over the last nine years. The book provides a great foundation for the other materials in the Thrive Collection, and is the recommended starting place for incumbents and leaders. 


‘This book will be a gift to many multi-parish benefices … that we might continue to discover yet more of what it means to be the Church in and among our local communities.’ 

Rachel Treweek, Bishop of Gloucester


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