Understanding Christian Leadership

Leadership. There is a lot of confusion around it. And when it comes to Christian leadership, perhaps even more so.

Do leaders simply serve the wants of those they lead? Is it appropriate for Chrisitan leaders to adopt or adapt secular leadership thinking? What exactly is leadership, and how is it most faithfully exercised in the way of Jesus?

Drawing together best insights from historical and contemporary sources, along with his own experience of leadership, Ian Parkinson offers an essential resource for all those wanting to understand Christian leadership, and grow as a leader.

'Understanding Christian Leadership is a tour de force. It is comprehensive and informed, theological and practical, theoretical and workable... Read it on your own, both sitting down and on your knees, read it with others so you can learn together and hold each other to what God calls you to together, and read it for the sake of those you are called to.'

Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

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