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A still small voice? A tap on the shoulder? A question from a friend? A burning inner voice? How is God guiding you in your next steps with him? For over 50 years, CPAS has been helping people explore their vocation.

We're glad you're here! Because it means you are thinking about God's call on your life, and we want to help you take your next step with God.

This page is packed with advice and support to help you, or others, to discern God's call. If you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at or 0300 123 0780.

Exploring Authorised Ministry

Exploring Authorised Ministry

If you are considering some form of authorised ministry in the Church of England, Exploring Authorised Ministry will tell you everything you need to know. Hot off the press, this book is designed to help you navigate the journey ahead. It is an exciting process with many opportunities for you to discover more about yourself, the Church of England, and most importantly, God.

Exploring Authorised Ministry from CPAS is an 80-page book that reflects both the wisdom accumulated from many years' experience of vocational journeys, and the latest insights from the cutting edge of the discernment process today.

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You and Ministry Weekends

Do you wonder what God's purpose is for your life? Do you sense God's calling to ordained ministry? CPAS You and Ministry weekends have helped more than 10,000 people, over more than 50 years, to engage with some of the issues through a helpful mix of specialist knowledge, good listening skills, practical advice and encouragement.

Talk Calling

Helping 14 to 18 year olds explore the God possibilities for their lives.

Want to help young people discover what God wants for their lives?

Talk Calling is for anyone in church leadership and vocations work (e.g. clergy, lay leaders, youth workers, school chaplains, young vocations champions, CPAS Ventures and Falcons leaders etc.) who wants to enable young people to explore the God possibilities for their lives.

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Volunteer for Ventures and Falcons

CPAS has been running discipleship holidays across the country for over 50 years. Every residential offers a place for children and young people to have an amazing holiday, make new friends and learn about God.

We're always looking for more children, young adults and leaders to join our Ventures and Falcons family. Could you serve on a Venture or Falcon holiday?

If there are young people at your church who you think would really benefit from a Venture or Falcon, get in touch to find out about our group discounts.

Growing Leaders - Youth Edition

The course pack includes: Leaders' notes and resources, photocopiable handouts, Ready to Lead, CD-ROM with PowerPoint presentations plus all handouts and additional resources.

If you have a desire to help young people grow as leaders, Growing Leaders - Youth Edition is the resource for you.

Many 14-18 year olds are already in leadership positions at school and in community groups, but they have little or no training about what it means to be a Christian leader.

This course provides a range of resources to develop young people in leadership. It recognises the key role young people can play now, but will also ensure strong and effective leaders for the future by providing development opportunities in their formative years.

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Fostering Vocations

If you are a church leader, youth leader or vocations officer, visit this page to see how we can help you to encourage men, women and young people to respond to God's call.


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