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Exploring Abilities

This page contains a number of resources and ideas to help you explore and understand your abilities and whether God might be calling you to ordained ministry.

exploring Abilities

What about ordination?

Reflected on your natural strengths and weaknesses: what do they tell you about the possibility of a calling to ordination? Reflect on the following questions:

  1. Do others see the same abilities in you as you do? Have other people suggested ordained ministry? When you ask those who you will be honest with you, do they confirm your sense of calling?
  2. Do you have a desire to grow and develop those abilities you have identified? Can you find ways to do that where you are now?
  3. Could you count the following among your abilities?
    • being self-disciplined and organised
    • listening carefully to others
    • leadership
    • working well with others
    • studying, reflecting and enquiring
    • planning
    • relating faith to life
    • teaching and communicating
    • encouraging and challenging others
    If these are not your natural abilities, can you learn ways of doing these things better?



resources for exploring ordination (click to expand)

  • Call Waiting website

    Call Waiting is a Church of England initiative to help identify and encourage young people to consider ordained ministry.


other resources for exploring call (click to expand)

  • Reading list

    A list of books which may help you explore aspects of vocation, ordination, spirituality, anglicanism, biblical studies, faith and theology, liturgy and worship.

  • Stuart Buchanan, On Call: Exploring God's Leading to Christian Service, (brf, 2001)

    On Call looks at some of the stories of calling in the Bible and considers the implications for those exploring call today. (This book is out of print, but you can read it online by following this link to the St. John's, Nottingham college web site.)


    a website containing some more stories of people who God has called to various forms of ministry and leadership in the church. Produced by Lichfield diocese.


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