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Exploring Personality

What kind of person are you? The tools and resources on this page will help you explore and understand your personality how it relates to your sense of calling.

Exploring Personality

  • use one - or all - of the following online tools to explore your personality type. Remember that these are self-assesment tools and whilst they are often quite accurate, it is worth checking the results with people who know you well. Remember that your 'personality type' says something about how you are naturally 'wired' to respond in different situations. That does not mean you can't choose or learn to behave in different ways: it does not dictate your behaviour. It is also important to remember that no personality type is any better than any other!

What about ordination?

In terms of personality type, there is no right or wrong type for ordination. Each personality type has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is important, however, to be aware of your personality, so that you can use your strengths and manage the areas where you are not as strong. You may want to think about the following points:

  1. Whatever your personality type, are you humble, wanting to submit to God and serve others?
  2. Are you honest, with yourself and others, about your strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities?
  3. How well do you deal with stress, change and pressure? What strategy or support can you put in place to help you do this better?
  4. What is your leadership style?
  5. How do you 'break the ice' when meeting new people, and make them feel at ease?
  6. Do you have the spiritual discipline to maintain your prayer life?
  7. Is the way you handle your sexuality in line with the teachings and discipline of the church?


resources for exploring ordination (click to expand)

  • Call Waiting website

    Call Waiting is a Church of England initiative to help identify and encourage young people to consider ordained ministry.


other resources for exploring call (click to expand)

  • Reading list

    A list of books which may help you explore aspects of vocation, ordination, spirituality, anglicanism, biblical studies, faith and theology, liturgy and worship.

  • Stuart Buchanan, On Call: Exploring God's Leading to Christian Service, (brf, 2001)

    On Call looks at some of the stories of calling in the Bible and considers the implications for those exploring call today. (This book is out of print, but you can read it online by following this link to the St. John's, Nottingham college web site.)


    a website containing some more stories of people who God has called to various forms of ministry and leadership in the church. Produced by Lichfield diocese.


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