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Exploring Spiritual Gifts

So you want to discover more about your Spiritual gifts? Below are ideas, exercises and resources to help you discern your gifts and think about how they may relate to a call to ordination.

Exploring Spiritual gifts


  • Use one of the following online tools to help you explore your Spiritual Gifts:Bear in mind that all such tools and 'lists' of spiritual gifts, although of value, are limited in that they define each gift in their own way according to the theological understanding of the authors on a number of related issues.


  • Use the following books to help you:
    • Peter Wagner, Discover your Spiritual Gifts, (Gospel Light, updated edition 2009), ISBN 0830736786
    • Francis Dewar, Live for a Change: Discovering and Using Your Gifts, (Sarum College Press, 2nd Edition 2006), ISBN 0955066018. [Currently out of print, but available from Amazon, etc.]


What about ordination?

What clues do your spiritual gifts give you as to whether or not a call to ordained ministry is realistic? Consider the following questions:

  1. How could the main spiritual gift(s) you have identified be used in ordained ministry to help you listen to God, share his vision, plan and lead strategically, share the good news of Jesus Christ, preach, teach, genuinely care for others, or demonstrate reliance on God?
  2. What do your gifts suggest might be the main focus of your ministry?
  3. Spiritual gifts need exercising! What opportunities can you find, where you are now, to test, grow and develop the gifts you have identified?


resources for exploring ordination (click to expand)

  • Call Waiting website

    Call Waiting is a Church of England initiative to help identify and encourage young people to consider ordained ministry.


other resources for exploring call (click to expand)

  • Reading list

    A list of books which may help you explore aspects of vocation, ordination, spirituality, anglicanism, biblical studies, faith and theology, liturgy and worship.

  • Stuart Buchanan, On Call: Exploring God's Leading to Christian Service, (brf, 2001)

    On Call looks at some of the stories of calling in the Bible and considers the implications for those exploring call today. (This book is out of print, but you can read it online by following this link to the St. John's, Nottingham college web site.)


    a website containing some more stories of people who God has called to various forms of ministry and leadership in the church. Produced by Lichfield diocese.


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