Leading Evangelism Resources

Looking for resources and tools to use in leading your churches in evangelism? 

We’ve created several practical resources to help you lead your churches in evangelism.


PCC Tonight: Leading Your Churches in Evangelism

Many PCCs are uncertain about what evangelism is, unsure they want to be involved, and unclear about their part in leading in evangelism. This six session downloadable resource provides material for use within a PCC meeting or on a PCC away day/morning.

Easy to use, these 40 minutes sessions walk a PCC through what evangelism is, why it matters, whose job it is, and how to order a community around evangelism.  


How to Nurture a Faith-Sharing Culture 

A suite of resources, including a book and multiple online materials, focused on moving faith sharing from the periphery of a church to its centre. It includes seven core shifts to begin culture change; and 70 simple ideas to accelerate it. You may even be eligible for a free copy, take a look here. You can also watch a series of related videos. 


‘If you’re looking for new energy and creativity to nurture a culture with evangelism at its core, then this book is for you.’

The Rev Kate Wharton

Further Ideas and Resources for Evangelism

There is a lot of helpful material out there, and on this Padlet board you’ll find great ideas and links to dozens of resources organised in different sections to make them easier to find.

In addition, there are a variety of guides and articles that are free to download.