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Please, if you are a man, don't think this article isn't for you. It is. And it's for women. 

It happens to every leader. An unexpected death, a sudden sickness, a mental fragility, a family conflict. Personal life under enormous pressure, and yet a public ministry to maintain. Graham Archer, CPAS Director of Ministry, reflects on decades of handling such experiences, and offers six...

It's not every day a book about a Michelin star restaurant makes it into the review section of Lead On. Sarah Pix reviews this fascinating story of generous hospitality that has lots to inspire us, as we seek to lead churches to be places of amazing grace. 

Looking for something stimulating to read over the summer? Look no further. Charles Burgess recommends five books to get the brain cells firing, the imagination buzzing and the heart pumping. Enjoy. Lead On Reviews, July 2023

Lead On article by Sarah Pix. Who am I? Really. Who am I? We may know the ‘right’ answer. But who am I?

After the initial excitement as the Plant gets going, things tend to hit a more tricky period 18-36 months in. Why is that and what can be done? John Valentine draws on his own experience and engagement with other planters to identify five common challenges.

Send Me: Stories of Ordinary People Planting New Churches John McGinley (CCX) Lead On June 2023 book review by Jo McKee. 

Welcome to the Arrow programme.

Lead On article by Esther Priors. The App What Three Words locates every part of planet earth using three words. Esther, vicar of St John's Egham, considers 'what three words' God might have for us in this season. Take a look at her suggestions and see how they resonate with your context.