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Not a word we hear very often. Admonish. And in all likelihood, not something many church leaders feel comfortable doing. Admonishing. In this article Laura Lock, co-lead of Enabled Leaders, explores how we can restore this ancient practice to the life of our churches. 

Failure: What Jesus Said About Sin, Mistakes and Messing Stuff Up by Emma Ineson. All of us fail. Often. Sometimes spectacularly. But what can we do about that? Take a look at Sarah Pix’s review to see if this book should go on your must read list.

Lead On article by Charles Burgess. Can we lead as we always have done, or are there some shifts it would be good to embrace? Charles reflects on the last ten years, and what we can learn from them.

Lead On article by Pam Macnaughton. Procrastination. Commonplace amongst many leaders, it quickly leads to frustration and robs us of fulfilment. Pam explores how procrastination impacts us and offers ten methods or habits that might help.

Recording and resources from Autumn 2022 webinars for church leaders.

Lead On article by Matt Hogg. Without encouragement we can shrivel up like a burst balloon. But how do we stay encouraged? Matt suggests five practical ways to seek out encouragement and to be an encourager.

Lead On article by Ian Parkinson. Which is more important in a leader, great skills, integrity of character, or spiritual passion? Ian reflects on 30+ years of leadership and suggests three reasons why spiritual passion is vital for godly leadership.

Lead On article by Adrian Lock. In part 2 of a two-part series, Adrian continues to explore what leadership in a VUCA-G world looks like. He suggests seven 'moves' that agile church leaders can make from a strong core, to help their churches not only survive, but thrive, today.

Lead On article by Adrian Lock. In part 1 of a two-part series, Adrian, Teaching Fellow at Spurgeon's College, explores the importance of a solid core for our churches and ourselves to enable us not to get knocked off course as we lead with agility.

A new report, compiled by Dr Bev Botting and The Ven Bob Jackson, explores Easter day church-going attendance in 2022 with 2019 figures, and analyses what we can learn from the shift that has occurred.